Mistress Dominatrix Escort European Blonde Available Now

Posted by: 07 August 2022,09:41 AM Share

Mistress Dominatrix Escort European Blonde Available Now

Posted by: 07 August 2022,09:41 AM

  • Name: anonymous user
  • City:Dubai
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Region: Asia pacific and Middle East
  • Availability:Any


www.mistressdubai.net Queen of Facesitting and Feet Fetish Are you a new toy of mine? If you are seeking punishment, I can guarantee extreme pleasure! I am Madame A. - chubby, tall, strong, cold, harsh, calculating, bossy, physically strong, creative and humorous. I have been told that I have the world's most edible feet. Would you not like to kneel before me and give them a little taste? I just love my feet to be worshiped. In my opinion, there is nothing like you taking care of my feet and make them feel ever so much better when they are all hot and tired from a long day. Life is a game and I am playing the part of a goddess with no sense of embarrassment or pretence. Learn to tune into the subtle messages of my body and find out precisely how to dedicate yourself to my pleasure. My world is of consenting adults, who crave for power, control and attention of a strong & exquisite woman. If you open up to me completely, share your fantasies, dreams and desires with me and allow me to enter your mind, I will understand your deep wishes and can role-play them with you. I will become the motor of your stimulation and desires. Novices welcome! I take great pleasure in training and nurturing novices to a standard of obedience which pleases my expectations. Age: 28 Stats: 177cm, big and strong body Shoe size: 41 White European, Blonde Contact me for more details. I run a strict booking policy and prefer initial contact to be made via email. To request a session and be a part of this adventure I'd appreciate if you sent a polite email with some essential info about you such as: your nationality, occupation, age, the dates when would you like to meet and duration of it. If you fail to miss this part I will not even bother to reply to your email. Failure to address me by my name, poor spelling or sloppy grammar will NOT be tolerated. It is important to me that I am interested in you as a person, so please present your email or telephone inquiry in a way that will spark my creative and mischievous mind. If consider we have a mutual understanding, I will invite you to phone me to discus arranging a session. I will not go into 'scene' during contact prior to a session and don't appreciate my time being wasted. 2,500 AED

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