5 DAYS ONLY - Toronto's Pro Domme's in YYC - NOV 2018

Posted by: 31 July 2022,12:02 AM Share

5 DAYS ONLY - Toronto's Pro Domme's in YYC - NOV 2018

Posted by: 31 July 2022,12:02 AM

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Two of Toronto's favourite, devious, overpowering Pro Dommes

Start Crawling. Look up. You get one glance. One quick snapshot of our smiling faces before your senses sweep you under, like a wave, stealing you away from the shore. You can't see, you can only hear. And feel. You feel the quiet stillness here, a simplicity you haven't experienced for years. This feeling flushes your body like a revelation and every sound in this room seems to hum in tune with your mind. Your body becomes an afterthought as you realize: this is where you belong, in the quiet.. With Us. We methodically ply each one of your senses, working carefully towards what we want. Our silent inventory has already begun, every word you've written to us, every choice of phrase, every step, every micro expression. Every. Little. Thing. From the moment you spoke yourself into our world until the moment you are extinguished like a candle at the end of it's purpose. Everything is a clue and you are the puzzle. Your body is a mere hindrance, what we've come for is your mind. We've come for your sense of self, your ego, your limitations, your idea's of who you are and what you can't do, what you won't do. We will push you. We will convince you. We will HAVE you. It's Us versus you & We've been training. We are Lady Henry & Bastienne Cross. We will see you in November. Early Announcement SPECIAL Booking Price: SAVE 20% OFF Tentative tour dates: November 6th - November 11th, 2018. EARLY BIRD PRICING: Duo Sessions @ $400/hour OR Solo Sessions @ $200/hour * Discount applies to sessions booked prior to OCTOBER 1st, 2018 only. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book. To prebook a solo scene with Lady Henry visit www.LadyHenry.ca. To prebook a solo scene with Bastienne Cross or a Domme Duo scene with Lady Henry & Bastienne visit www.BossyBastienne.com. Be sure to read our respective Hard Limits before contacting. * Discount does not apply for Bastienne's Full Toilet training sessions which are $500/hour

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